How to Root Any Android Device Using Magisk Manager

Hello Everyone. Today we are going to share step by step guide on how to root any android device easily using magisk manager. As you know everyday new smartphones are launched with latest android version. But most of manufactures are not provide full control to our device for security reasons. So today we are sharing guide to root your device and get full control over device.

We are not responsible for any device loss/damage. Try at your own risk.

Advantage After Rooting Your Device:

  1. You will be able to customize Your Smartphone as you wish
  2. You will able to flash Custom ROM’s and zip files
  3. You’ve power to modify your device (Only Knowledgeable persons can try)
  4. You can overclock/underclock your device (Only Knowledgeable persons can try)


Before proceed to root your device you need to download some required files for rooting. Here is the requirements you need to follow.

  1. Android Device with original/branded USB cable
  2. Unlocked Bootloader (Very Important before rooting your device)
  3. Leptop/PC (32/64 Bit)
  4. ADB & Fastboot Drivers For Laptop/PC- Download
  5. TWRP Recovery for your device (Search on google)
  6. Magisk Manager – Download
  7. Magisk Uninstaller – Download (If anything goes wrong you can flash this zip to revert back)
  8. Root Checker – Download

Unlock Bootloader First Before Rooting Your Device (Important):

First keep in mind you need to unlock your device bootloader before rooting your device. Don’t try to root your device before unlocking bootloader. it will brick your device.

Every device manufacture has different method to Unlock Bootloader.

You can search on google like ‘how to unlock bootloader of xxx’ (put your device name instead of XXX)

Once bootloader is successfully unlocked you can follow next steps as shown below.

How to Root Any Android Device?

  1. Make sure your battery is charged atleast 50%
  2. Backup your important data to avoid data loss
  3. Download All required files from above
  4. Transfer/Copy Magisk Manager, Magisk Uninstaller and Root Checker in Internal Storage of your phone
  5. Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers on your Laptop/PC
  6. Rename TWRP Recovery file to recovery.img
  7. Copy recovery.img to C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB and Fastboot\ Paste here
  8. Open ‘Fastboot Mode‘ on your device (Search on google for your device)
  9. Now connect your device to laptop/PC using USB data cable
  10. Open C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB and Fastboot\ on your pc/laptop
  11. Press ‘Shift Key’ and Press Right Click on your mouse
  12. Select ‘Open Command Window Here’ Option From Menu
  13. You will see Command Prompt Window with black background
  14. Type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and press enter
  15. Make sure your device is connected
  16. Now type fastboot boot recovery.img and press enter (if you see ‘waiting for device’ means your device not connected properly OR ADB/Fastboot drivers not properly installed on your computer)
  17. You will see TWRP Recovery Menu on your device when you enter above command
  18. Click on “Keep Read Only” Option
  19. Now Click on Install & Select file from internal memory
  20. Tick mark on “Reboot after installation is complete” option
  21. Now Swipe Slider to Right Side
  22. Wait till flash completed After process is done your device reboot automatically (don’t panic)
  23. Congratulations !! You’ve successfully ROOTED your Device & TWRP Recovery is successfully installed on your device as well
  24. To clear all the doubts, lets check the root status of your device

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How to Check Device Successfully Rooted or Not?

  1. First Download & Install Root Checker App On your device
  2. Open App and click on ‘Agree’ button
  3. After that you will see home page of Root Checker App. Just click on ‘Verify Now’ button
  4. Now Superuser request is ask to grant permission.simply click on ‘Grant’ button
  5. If you see screen like this Congrats root access is properly installed on this device means You Have Successfully Rooted Your Device Cheers 😉


You can follow above guide to root every android device without any problem. Don’t forgot to backup your data first before rooting your device. You can find TWRP recovery and guide on how to open fastboot mode for your device on google. If you have any problems feel free to comment down below.

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