Network Signal Guru : Must Have App For Every Rooted User

Network Signal Guru

Hello friends today we are back with a very good and useful app called network signal guru. This app is designed by QTRUN Technologies. Every rooted user those who are currently using modern smartphone with qualcomm chipset. App is very useful to those who have voice and data troubleshooting as well as engineering field works. I highly recommend this app to everyone as it has a very nice design UI and concept though 😉

What is Network Signal Guru (NSG):

Network Signal Guru (NSG) is a multi-functional Android OS based tool for voice and data service quality troubleshooting, RF optimization and engineering field work. It supports all wireless network technologies worldwide, and covers multiple mobile layers as well as data stack in real-time. NSG provides extensive test functions for voice, data tests to assess and reflect the real end-user experience of QoS within a mobile network.

NSG covers all test functions and latest technologies such as: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA2000, EVDO, LTE(FDD & TDD). It integrates full recording and decoding of protocol layers on the supported technologies(3GPP, Layer2, Layer3 and SIP) and direct decoding of Layer 3 signaling and data protocol packets on cell phones.

Generally, NSG provides two optional modes for end users, general and advanced modes. In advanced mode, NSG needs two prequisite conditions before you are using this tool. first advanced mode only support Qualcomm chipset models. Secondly NSG need cell phone a super user access within your android phone and you have to root the device before NSG is running. In the advanced mode, test user can discover handreds of parameters in different network technologies provided by NSG and that can help us to know the wireless better. If device cannot run in advanced mode, NSG will fallback to general mode. Under this mode, all the Android OS running devices can provide NSG information for test users including radio parameters, cell location and even advanced LTE parameters.

It’s Recommend To Purchase Ultimate Service To Access All Advanced Features Of Network Signal Guru App. Because Free Version Has Some Limitations

How To Purchase Ultimate Service Of Network Signal Guru:

  • First download & install Network Signal Guru app on your phone Download
  • Open Network Signal Guru App & click on 3 dots from top right corner

  • Click on ‘Purchase’ option

  • Now you will see Purchase Page like this

  • Here you can check Features of ‘Ultimate Service’

  • To Buy ‘Ultimate Service’ select duration of month you want to buy

  • Now Click on Google Play payment option

  • Proceed to select your payment method & click on ‘Buy’ button

  • have successfully activated ULTIMATE SERVICE
  • Now you will see your EXPIRATION DATE to Verify your Successfull Purchase


How To Lock LTE Band In Qualcomm Chipset (Root Required):

  • First make sure you are using smartphone with qualcomm chipset

  • Now install Network Signal Guru app (skip if already installed) Download
  • Open NSG app & Grant Root Access

  • Then You will see Main Page like this

  • Now click on 3 dots from upper right corner

  • Click on ‘Lock Bands’ option

  • Now select ‘LTE’ option

  • Here you will see Supported ‘LTE’ bands on your phone

  • Now if you want to Lock Only 1 band then tick on any 1 LTE band and click OK

  • your phone restarts in 1 sec and your selected Band is locked

How To Check Selected LTE Band is Properly Locked or Not:

  • Open Network Signal Guru App
  • Here you will see Currently Active LTE Band
  • If you have Locked Band 3 Then here you will see Band 3

How To Restore Default Band Settings:

  • Open Network Signal Guru App
  • Now click on 3 dots from upper right corner

  • Click on ‘Clear Forcings’ option

  • your phone is restarts and default settings are restored

How To Check Your Phone Is Qualcomm Chipset or Not:

  • First download & install CPUZ app on your phone Download
  • Open CPUZ app and you will see your smartphone Chipset in main page

Still there are lots of advanced features as show can check and try yourself. Its very useful !!

  • LTE cell graphing
  • LTE RACH analysis
  • EUTRA sessions
  •    ||   CA matrix
  • LTE band,PCI,TAC,Ecell ID,PLMN,EARFCN etc
  •    ||   Cell configurations
  • LTE dedicated mode
  • Signaling
  • Events
  • Signal strength,quality,RSSI,tx power etc
  • Indoor testing

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