Latest Version Android P – Changes & Features

Latest Android Version – Android P Details

Hello folks !! After a long span of time, here its me Abdul Hannan going to share an information post about newly rolled latest android version Android P. Still there are lots of talks going on about the name of this Android P and let me tell you no any official words yet about the same, so its a top secret for now 😉 And also this latest android version P is currently on developer preview testing, hence some more changes can be expected.

First of all I’ll summarize top notch features of Android P version point wise and later on will try to expand some of the major changes as we progress ahead. I’ve some snaps as well, keep checking lower portion 😀

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Android P Developer Preview 1 (Summary)

1. User Interface changes

  • New UI for settings and quick settings
  • New UI for power & volume menu (Buttons)
  • Notification style and animations changed
  • Time navigated to left corner in status bar
  • Updated pixel launcher with voice search icon
  • Battery saver color changed to normal
  • New Easter Egg
  • About phone screen now shows additional info in popup window

Good news, Android P Developer Preview Now Available For Google Pixel Smartphones

2. Other changes

  • Screenshot button in power menu
  • Built-in screenshot editor
  • Wi-Fi networks can now be set to metered/unmetered
  • Text selection zoom (like iOS)
  • Recently posted notifications are now shown in notification settings
  • Do Not Disturb has been simplified to a single mode
  • Volume buttons now control media volume by default
  • Multi-Bluetooth HFP/A2DP support
  • Private DNS

Some more changes are there as well, but at the moment I recognized these only. I’ll keep adding other as soon as I get ’em 😉 But above listed are the major changes that has been captured lots of eyes and importance too. So well let me describe some extra ordinary changes with snaps I’ve grabbed from JK & XDA.


You can see below, android p has came up with colorful icons in setting option along with a search bar to get out needy one quickly. Earlier in Oreo update icons were so dull and gloomy, looks adorable now.


This is the first look of new notification user interface developed on Android P, as we can see icons has been slightly differ and so on the color. This kinda view can be seen when we drag down actual notification top bar, which you’ll find next to below image.

And have a look below on how actually notification top bar is, and the change you might gesturing is well visible that  includes Wi-Fi & Network icons as shown. Also the icons are now rounded and blue in color.

Additionally there has been lots of change in Notification style for messages. As seen below, full conversation can now be shown including images/stickers and there’s also you can quick reply to any conversation with the help of few smart replies.

Moreover you can hide the notification for a particular app in single tap, by long press on notification couple of option will appear saying “stop notifications” or “keep showing“. Earlier you’ve to go through an additional option to turn it off.


Several changes has been made on screenshot section which includes powerful inbuilt features to edit screenshot further. No longer you have to fumble around with key combinations to take a screenshot. It’s right there in the power menu.

Improved UI

The most beautiful change I liked sincerely is its improved UI and design of some parts. One of those is Media & Power dialog. I’ve attached couple of cool dialogs, Adorable !!

If you want to revise all the changes, for a quick reminder here it is a video that will show you “20 new things in Android P” in apx. 3 minutes only 😉 Credits to Jay Kapoor

So here I’m closing this article as of now, I’ll try to add more snaps and details as soon as I get handy information about ’em. Till then enjoy the new android p look and share it among your friends 😉 This is what I’ve in my bag about latest android version Android P. See you all again very soon, bbye & take care !!

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