How to Play PUBG Smoothly in Low End Devices

Hello Readers. How are you? Do you play PUBG mobile game daily on your smartphone? Did you notice lagging or hanging problem while playing PUBG? If yes then probably you are using low end smartphone with less then 3 GB of RAM right? No worries we are hare to help you in this matter to solve your lagging problem with this ultimate guide on how to play pubg smoothly in low end devices !!

Many users are facing lagging/hanging problem while playing PUBG game on low end devices with less then 3 GB of RAM. Because PUBG is high end game and your device is not able to handle high graphics due to low hardware.

So if you want to play PUBG game on your low end device with less then 3 GB of RAM then follow our step by step guide. We are sharing some useful tips to improve your PUBG gaming experiance in your smartphone.

Minimum Requirements to Play PUBG Mobile:

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  • RAM : 2GB or more
  • PROCESSOR : QUALCOMM Snapdragon 430 / Mediatek mt 6737 and later
  • OS : Android 5.1.1+ | Lollipop ? or later
  • STORAGE : 1.5GB+

How to Play PUBG Smoothly in Low End Devices?

Improve Gaming Performance Using Android Developer Options:

1. Enable Force 4x MSSA

  • Goto Settings of Your Phone and Find Developer Option
  • Keep in mind developer option is by default disabled in most of devices you can search on google to enable developer option for your device
  • If you are using xiaomi smartphone you can enable developer option by going to Settings > About Phone > Tap on MIUI Version 4-5 times
  • Open developer option and Enable Force 4x MSSA (Multi-sample anti-aliasing)
  • After enabling this option your device will run PUBG game at the best quality as possible

2. Enable Force GPU Rendering

  • Search for Force GPU Rendering from Developer Option and Enable

3. Enable Disable HW Overlays

  • Search for Disable HW Overlays from Developer Option and Enable

4. Enable Turn on MIUI Optimisation (For Xiaomi Users)

  • If you are using xiaomi smartphone you can also enable Turn on MIUI Optimisation from Developer Option

5. Set Background Process Limit to 1

  • Search for Background Process Limit from Developer Option and set it to At Most 1 Process
  • After enabling this option your device keep only 1 app in background
  • It means while playing PUBG you will get best performance because no any background process are running excluding PUBG

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6. Adjust Screen Brightness

  • Many users set brightness level to high (80%-100%) while playing PUBG and it will cause device heating problems
  • Also battery draining very fast when brightness level is set to High
  • Performance is down if your device is heating while playing PUBG
  • To make sure your device run PUBG smoothly without heating set brightness level to 50%-60%

7. Clear All Recent Apps Before Playing PUBG

  • To ensure your device run PUBG smoothly you need to clear recent apps first before playing PUBG

8. Don’t Play PUBG if Your Battery is Less Then 20%

  • While playing PUBG make sure your battery is fully charged
  • Don’t play PUBG if your battery is low (less then 20%)
  • If you play PUBG in low battery you will face lagging/hanging problem because if your battery is low performance cores are disabled to save battery

9. Open PUBG & Set Graphics Setting as Below

  • Open PUBG > Settings > Graphics
  • Set Graphics Setting to Smooth
  • Set Frame Rate to Highest Option like (High, Ultra or Extreme) Available in Your Device


You will get best possible performance after following above guide. This guide is only for low end devices. If you are using high end device then above guide is not applicable for you. Also don’t try above method on high end devices. If you have any problem feel free to comment down below. We will reply to your query ASAP.

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