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Google File Manager : Files Go

Google is started rolling over the needs of their valuable users and keep bringing the new apps in the market. Recently they launched Tez the Google Payment App. Google is known for making well managed and trusted app. Everyone has shown the full trust and response to the app tez and now they put up the listing of a brand new app that caught everyone’s attention.

Its a file manager app named “Files Go“. The app is a part of google’s initiative “Android Go” which aims to help the android users with low amount of space and RAM. To help such users google came with a simplest file manager ever Files Go.


First impression : Google File Manager “Files Go

1. Home (Storage) : While opening the app you can see the “Storage” of your device as shown below. There is a bar which will show you how much storage you’ve used so far and the remaining one as well. In case of my (referring the pic attached below) my device has almost 11GB storage left and that’s sounds quite good 😉

  • As soon as you scroll down you will particular section that is using your store. The section we are talking about knows as CARDS in this file manager.
  • The cards like Whatsapp media, Unused apps, App cache, Large files etc. are present there.
  • You can swipe right and remove the cards if you want.
  • Upon tapping the particular cards, a new window will open and you can remove unnecessary files on your finger tips 🙂

2. Files : Now lets talk about “Files” this what the app made for actually :p Files section looks like attached pic below this phrase. It has all the folders that your device storage filled with and millions of file manager app contains. But when we are talking about this, it should have something special 😉 And the reason because we are discussing this is “File transfer” system.

  • You can transfer files more faster to nearby friends securely with the help of “Files Go” application
  • As the transfer function works with bluetooth there is no need of internet as well
  • Upon clicking on either Send or Receive your device’s bluetooth will automatically turn ON.

3. Settings : There is a menu at upper right corner that has few options like Setting, Feedback, Help & Licenses. We will talk about the setting option which is likelihood an important parameter if you are using this app.

  • The setting option consists few important notification settings that will remind you about the critical happenings.
  • One of them is “Low storage” which will send a reminder when storage is almost full.
  • After that an important one is “Unused apps” which will alert you when a particular app haven’t been used for more than 30 days
  • Another important one is “Duplicate files” that will let you know about the duplicate files which are taking up space
  • Also there are several options like Downloaded files & Large media folders, works as the name indicates itself.

Important functions :

  1. Free up more space easily and faster
  2. Check your storage
  3. Smart recommendations
  4. Find any file faster
  5. Share any file offline
  6. Encrypted file sharing
  7. Backup files to the cloud
  8. Efficient, effective storage management

That’s it all. We’ve discussed everything the app has in it and we recommend you to use this app now on for the secure file transfers. Until the next post, Ta-ta 😉

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