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Hello Readers:) In this article we are going to share Highlights and features of all new Asus VivoBook S Notebook. Recently ASUS has launched VivoBook S Notebook with high end specifications for true performers like Gamers, Youtubers etc. So here we have shared exciting features of Asus Vivobook S Notebook compared to my old HCL junk laptop.

Asus Vivobook S Notebook is one of the best laptop currently available in market in this price range as of now. Unlike other laptops while multitasking activity its hang a lot. But with Asus VivoBook S notebook you can run as many programe you want at same time without any performance and lagging issue.

Here are Some Exciting Features of Asus VivoBook S Notebook –

1. Ultra Thin & Lightweight Design:

Asus Vivobook S Notebook comes with 14.8 mm ultra thin and lightweight design to reduce weight. The overall weight of Asus Vivobook S is just 1.2kg. If you travel frequently You can carry Asus Vivobook S laptop during your travel without any hassle because it’s very thin (14.8 mm) and light.

Compared to my old HCL laptop Asus Vivobook S more then 80% thin. Also i can’t carry my old HCL laptop when i travel due to very high weight. But with Asus Vivobook S lightweight design you can carry hassle free when you travel without any problem

2. NanoEdge Bezel Full HD Display:

The Asus Vivobook S comes with 80% screen-to-body ratio for more immersive viewing experience. The Full HD Anti glare display with wide view technology gives more cool colors and contrast when you watching movies and surfing internet. Display technology comes with Asus Vivobook S laptop are much better then other brands as per my experience

Compared to my old HCL laptop Asus Vivobook S gives very large display size with Full HD and anti glare technology with very cool contrast and vivid colors. My old HCL laptop does not have anti glare display so when i start watching movies on my old HCL laptop background reflaction is always present on my junk display

3. Fast Charging:

It’s always better to have fast charging feature in laptop. But sadly my old HCL laptop doesn’t have Fast Charging Feature. Also other brands doesn’t provide Fast Charging in this price range. But ASUS VivoBook S Provides Fast Charging Feature with Rapid Charge Technology. Can charge 60% battery in just 49 Minutes. Asus VivoBook S also comes with Battery Health Monitor App to Manually set charging state to 60%, 80% or 100% to increase battery life.

Compared to my old HCL laptop Asus Vivobook S gives 3X longer battery life with lithium-polymer battery. My old HCL laptop take almost 6 hours to charge but with Asus Vivobook S you can charge 60% in just 49 minutes with Fast Charging Feature.

4. Fingerprint Sensor:

Asus Vivobook S Also comes with Inbuild Fingerprint Sensor for Deep level Security. Unlike other laptop in this price range most of brands did not provide Fingerprint Sensor. Without fingerprint sensor if you type your password someone who seat near you can guess your password easily with just your finger movements.

But With Asus Vivobook S laptop you will get Fingerprint Sensor to increase your security. With the help of Fingerprint Sensor you can unlock your windows instantly with just your finger without typing password everytime. It also save your time

Compared to my old HCL laptop when i enter my password most of time it will show wrong password due to my high security password with special characters and i have to reenter my entire password again. This will take lots of time during windows startup. In this case Asus Vivobook S can save your lots of time by unlocking with fingerprint sensor.

5. True Performance:

Asus Vivobook S comes with Windows 10 Pro Operating System powered by 8th Generation Intel Core™ i7 processor, Nvidia MX150 2 GB Graphics Card with Upto 16GB RAM and 512GB SATA SSD for quick boot and high speed data transfer. Intel 8th generation i5 processor gives massive performance during multitasking activity. No any other brands can provide this specifications in this price range. ASUS has really done a good job in this price range.

Compared to my old HCL laptop my junk has intel celeron Dual core procesor with 1 GB of RAM and its hang a lot while normal work or playing games. Also i can’t use multitasking due to 1 GB of ram and intel’s dual core junk processor. But really Asus Vivobook S can do anything in this case with Intel Core™ 8th generation i7 processor and Upto 16GB of RAM.

6. Backlight Keyboard With Engineered Touchpad:

Unlike other laptop brands Asus Vivobook S comes with Full Size 1.4mm Backlight Keyboard for comfortable typing experience. Backlight keyboard is one of my favourite feature and its very useful in night environment.

Compared to my old HCL laptop i have to enable portable USB LED light when i work in night environment because sadly my laptop does not have backlight keyboard. But with Asus Vivobook S you can work in any environment with Backlight Keyboard

The touchpad supports Windows Precision Touchpad (PTP) standards to delivers smooth tracking, writing and multifinger gesture recognition with Integrated palm rejection technology to counter unintentional cursor movement

7. Comprehensive Connectivity:

Asus Vivobook S comes with USB 3.1 Type-C Port(1st Gen), USB 3.0 Port for high speed data transfer, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ac,HDMI Port and microSD card slot provides hassle-free compatibility with a wide range of peripherals.

Compared to my old HCL laptop my junk laptop has only 1 USB 2.0 port. When i transfer my data from my HDD to laptop its take lots of time with very low transfer speed. because my junk has 2.0 USB port.. But with Asus Vivobook S you can transfer all your data with high speed using USB 3.0 port.

8. Asus IceCool Technology:

One of the most common problem in all laptops are overheating. Nowdays most of laptops are overheated. But unlike other laptops Asus Vivobook S comes with IceCool technology with smart FAN controls. ASUS efficient cooling technology provides ultimate performance to prevent overheating. Asus IceCool Technology keep temperature under 26°C to provide best user experience.

Compared to my old HCL laptop my junk overheated and shut down automatically anytime during work or gaming due to high temperature. But with ASUS Vivobook S you can work or play games without any overheating issue with Asus IceCool Technology.

Watch Hero Video of Asus VivoBook S – Beyond The Edge:

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