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Amazon Todays Quiz Answers

Hey dude ! Searching for Amazon Sony TV Quiz Answers ? Well you are at correct place 😉 Actually amazon nowadays keep organizing “App only Quiz Contest“. Under the various circumstances there will be so many contests and exclusive deals with unbelievable discounts too.

Today on 20 March they organized Amazon Quiz and named it as Amazon Sony TV Quiz answers. Under this quiz contest you’ve to answers few objective questions and in order to eligible for contest you have to give all answers correctly. You don’t have to worry about the answers, we are here only to provide you the correct Amazon Quiz Answers with pure care. So lets begin.

Prize Of This Quiz:

Answer and Win Sony Bravia TV

Total Winners:

There are a total of 4 Winners that will be given under this Contest

* Updated on 20 March 2018 *


Amazon Sony TV Quiz Answers

1. he ‘Rock Bottom Prices’ sale on Amazon.in offers lowest ever prices on select __. Fill in the blanks.

Ans – Televisions

2. Which of these is NOT a TV brand participating in the ‘Rock Bottom Prices’ event.


3. Only TVs which have customer rating of 3.5 stars (out of 5) and above will be on offer during the ‘Rock Bottom Prices’ event


4. Which of these is NOT a benefit of shopping for TVs on Amazon.in?

Ans – Free Auto Rides for 10 years

5. The Union Budget 2018 affects TV prices, as duty on imported TV panels increased from 7.5% to __. Fill in the blanks.



Amazon Previous Quiz Answers

Amazon March Quiz Answers

1. Which of these is NOT a meaning of the word ‘March’?

Ans – Predicting the future accurately

2. In March the sun crosses the celestial equator and the day and night are of equal length. What is this phenomenon called?

Ans – Equinox

3. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar what does the ‘Ides of March’ refer to?

Ans – 15th March

4. Which of these is a western zodiac sign associated with March?

Ans – Pisces

5. International Women’s Day celebrated on 8 March is a national holiday in Angola, Armenia,Azerbaijan,Cambodia, Georgia, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan,Laos, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Uganda, Ukraine and Zambia.

Ans – True

Amazon Echo Quiz Answers

1. Amazon Echo is a hands-free smart speaker, how do you control it?

Ans – With your voice

2. Which of these can you NOT do with your Echo device?

Ans – Deadlift a 100 kgs

3. You can book a flight on Goibibo using your Echo device.

Ans – True

4. What is the voice and brain behind the Echo device called?

Ans – Alexa

5. Which of these can Alexa NOT do?

Ans – Feed you snacks

6. On your Echo device, you can ask Alexa to turn on compatible smart lights.

Ans – True

Amazon Now Quiz Answers

1. Which of the following provides 2-hour delivery of groceries, fruits, vegetables, daily essentials and more to your doorstep?

Ans – Amazon Now

2. Amazon Now is currently available in 4 cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Fill in the blanks.

Ans – Bengaluru

3. Which of the following item are NOT sold on Amazon Now?

Ans – Spaceships

4. Mango is the national fruit of India

Ans – True

5. Which of the following is NOT a variety of the mango fruit?

Ans – Aamlet

Amazon Recharges Quiz Answers

1. You can recharge your prepaid mobile number on Amazon.in

Ans – True

2. What is the current cashback offer for prepaid mobile recharges on Amazon.in?

Ans – Flat 50% cashback up to Rs.50

3. The cashback offer on mobile recharges is applicable on which payment methods

Ans – Net banking credit/debit cards, amazon pay balance

4. How long does it take for the cashback to get processed on mobile recharges?

Ans – 3 days

5.The cashback will be received in which form

Ans – Amazon Pay balance


Amazon Oppo F5 Quiz Answers

1. The OPPO F5 comes with a 16 MP primary camera and __ MP front facing camera. Fill in the blanks.

Ans – 20 MP

2. Which of these phrases is associated with brand OPPO?

Ans – Capture the real you

3. The OPPO F5 is packed with how much RAM?

Ans – 4 GB

4. What is OPPO’s fast charging technology called?

Ans – VOOC Flash Charge

5. Which of the following is NOT a feature of OPPO F5?

Ans – Rotating back camera

Amazon Coupons Quiz Answers:

1. You can now get additional discounts on products listed on Amazon.in over and above their existing price. Using which of these offering can you avail this benefit?

Ans – Amazon coupons

2. Which of these is NOT a benefit of using Amazon coupons?

Ans – Free gelato for every coupon used

3. You cannot find Amazon coupons on which of the following pages on Amazon.in?

Ans – Snapchat

4. The ____ is an ongoing event on Amazon.in, which offers coupons giving additional discounts on over 4000+ products. What is this event called?

Ans – Coupon Carnival

5. Till when is the Coupon Carnival live on Amazon.in?

Ans – 20th march

Amazon Pay Quiz Answers:

Amazon Pay Quiz 1 :

1. Amazon Pay balance can also be used to pay for movies, travel tickets, monthly utility bills, recharges and more in a single click on partnering apps & websites.

Ans – True

2. Amazon Pay can be used to pay on several apps & websites. Which of the following do NOT accept Amazon Pay as a mode of payment?

Ans – Iron bank of bravos

3. Which one of these are NOT a benefit of using Amazon Pay?

Ans – Fits in your pocket

4. While logging in to make a payment on any of the Amazon Pay partner sites and apps, what login credentials would you use?

Ans – Amazon.in username and password

5. The cashback for Amazon Pay offers across partner apps & websites is received in the form of ?

Ans – Amazon pay balance

Amazon Pay Quiz 2 :

1. Which of these payment methods can you NOT use to pay on delivery for your Amazon.in orders?Ans – Gold coins
2. Amazon’s certified card swipe device ensures that your payments are 100% secure when you swipe your card at doorstepAns – True

3. Which of these is NOT a benefit of paying for your Amazon.in orders using an SMS link to your phone?Ans – Get your order for free

4. When you pay for orders with cash on delivery, you can load the leftover change into your Amazon Pay balance.Ans – True

5. Which of these is NOT a benefit of loading cash into your Amazon Pay balance at your doorstep?Ans – Superhuman strength

Amazon Super Value day Quiz Answers:

1. Shopping on Super Value Day gives you cashback on purchase of household supplies & more. What is the maximum cashback you can avail?

Ans – Rs.1200

2. Super Value Day occurs on which days of the month?

Ans – 1st 2nd and 3rd of every month

3. Customers using which bank’s credit or debit card are eligible for the additional cashback on shopping from Super Value Days?


4. After the order is dispatched, how long does it take for the Super Value Day cashback to be credited to customer’s account?

Ans – 72 hours

5. What is the minimum amount a customer needs to shop for, so as to be eligible for the Super Value Day cashback?

Ans – Rs.1500

Amazon Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Quiz Answers:

1. Where can you access ‘Samsung Mall’?

Ans – On your galaxy on7 prime

2. Which of these can you NOT do on Samsung Mall?

Ans – Telepathic Search

3. What are the RAM options available on the Galaxy On7 Prime?

Ans – 3 GB and 4 GB

4. What are the color variants available for the Galaxy On7 Prime?

Ans – Gold and black

5. The Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime comes with a 13MP (f1.9) primary camera and a __ MP front facing camera. Fill in the blanks.

Ans – 13 MP

Amazon Honer 7X Quiz Answers:

1. What is the interface that Honor phones use?

Ans – Emotional UI

2. Which was the first AI enabled phone to be launched in India?

Ans – Honor View !0

3. Which of these phrases is associated with the brand Honor?

Ans – For The Brave

4. What chipset do Honor phones use?

Ans – Kirin

5. What is Honor’s fast charging technology called?

Ans – Super Charge

Amazon Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz Answers:

1. Which of these is NOT a features of the Samsung Galaxy A8+?

Ans- Teleportation

2. What is Samsung’s virtual assistant called?

Ans- Bixby

3. What is the display on the Samsung Galaxy A8+ called?

Ans- Infinity display

4. What safety features does the A8+ come loaded with?

Ans- Face recognition and face sensor

5. The A8+ has __GB of RAM. Fill in the blanks.

Ans- 6 GB

Amazon Voylla Quiz Correct Answers:

1. Bangle typically is worn around which part of the body?

Ans- Wrist

2. Which of these is not a kind of jewellery?

Ans- Tutonak

3. Which of these units is used to measure mass of Diamonds?

Ans- Caret

4. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honor of whom?

Ans- Saint velentine

5. Which of these famous fictional pairs are lovers?

Ans- Romeo and juliet

Amazon Gift Cards Quiz Answers:

1.Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using Amazon Gift Cards?

Ans – Free Hugs With Every Purchase

2. Once claimed, Amazon Gift Cards get added as Amazon Pay balance

Ans – True

3. Amazon Gift Card are NOT available in which of the following physical formats?

Ans – Kryptonite

4. This Valentine’s Day, you can shop for a Gift Card and get _ % cashback on your purchase.

Ans –  10%

5.The Amazon Gift Cards store in India does NOT include cards for which of these occasions?

Ans – Full Moon Day

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How to participate in Amazon Sony TV Quiz Contest?

  • All you need is an amazon account, if you don’t have make it from here
  • Now login to your account in Amazon App
  • You’ll see a banner saying “Amazon Sony TV Quiz” simply tap it
  • Now click to start and questions will appear in front of you
  • Check the answers above and complete the task
  • As soon as you give 5 answers correctly, you’ll receive congratulations message

Now wait for the date to announce the result of the quiz and check whether you won or not 🙂

  • Winners will be declared by 31st March 2018

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