(All Answers) Amazon Quiz Time – Answer and Stand Chance to Win ₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Hey Readers:) Hope you are enjoying our blog with latest offers and deals:)) As you know amazon is keep organizing quiz contest. Recently they organized Amazon Todays Quiz answers contest. Today they organized Amazon Quiz answers contest to answer all 5 questions correctly to stand a chance to win ₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance in amazon todays quiz answers

Today on 11th Jan they organized Amazon Quiz and named it as Amazon Quiz Contest. Under this quiz contest you’ve to answers few objective questions and in order to eligible for contest you have to give all answers correctly. You don’t have to worry about the answers, we are here

only to provide you the correct Amazon Quiz Answers with pure care. So lets begin.

Prize Of This Quiz:

Answer and stand chance to win ₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Total Winners:

There are a total of 5 Winners

Amazon Todays Quiz Answers

1. In August 1962, Jamaica declared independance from which country?

Ans – United Kingdom

2. In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founded which colonial state?

Ans – Singapore

3. What is the national flower of India?

Ans – Lotus

4. Lemurs are native to only one country on the planet. Which country is it?

Ans – Madagascar

5. Polysomnography is a type of study concerning which human activity?

Ans – Sleeping

Previous Quiz Answers

Amazon Sony Home Theatre Quiz Answers

1. A coup in Libya in 1969, brought which dictator to power?

Ans – Muammar Gaddafi

2. What was the name of the ship Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain to the ‘New World’ in 1492?

Ans – Santa Maria

3. In hospitals, Nephrology departments generally treat medical issues related to which organs of the body?

Ans – Kidneys

4. Where in the human body is the femur located?

Ans – Leg

5. What food makes up a majority of the giant panda’s diet?

Ans – Bamboo

Amazon Todays Quiz Answers

1. What is the national animal of India?

Ans – Tiger

2. Which would weigh more – 1 cubic foot of gold or silver?

Ans – Gold

3. Turtles are classified as reptiles. True or false?

Ans – True

4. A male swan is known as a cob, a baby swan is known as a cygnet. What is a female swan called?

Ans – Pen

5. What is the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world?

Ans – Diamond

Amazon Todays Quiz Answers

1. Coco, Cars and Inside Out are all films produced by which animation film company?

Ans – Pixar

2. Which is the only planet in our solar system that is not named after figures from Greek or Roman mythology?

Ans – Earth

3. In the Marvel Universe, who is the Scarlet Witch’s twin brother?

Ans – QuickSilver

4. Which is the world’s largest land carnivore?

Ans – Polar Bear

5. Who recently took charge as the first Chief Justice of Telangana High Court?

Ans – TB Radhakrishna

Amazon Fire TV Stick Quiz Answers

1. What is the national tree of India?

Ans – Banyan Tree

2. Which continent is home to the largest non-polar ice cap in the world?

Ans – North America

3. According to the old English proverb, what is ‘in the eye of the beholder’?

Ans – Beauty

4. Theravada and Mahayana are branches of which major world religion?

Ans – Buddhism

5. Who composed the score for the 1994 musical ‘The Lion King’?

Ans – Hans Zimmer

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How to participate in Amazon Amazon Quiz Contest?

  • All you need is an amazon account, if you don’t have make it from here
  • Now login to your account in Amazon App
  • You’ll see a banner saying “Amazon Quiz” simply tap it
  • Now click to start and questions will appear in front of you
  • Check the answers above and complete the task
  • As soon as you give 5 answers correctly, you’ll receive congratulations message

Now wait for the date to announce the result of the quiz and check whether you won or not 🙂

  • Winners will be declared by 30th September 2018

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