(All Answers) Amazon Samsung Quiz – Answer and Stand Chance to Win Samsung Galaxy A8 Star

Hey Readers:) Hope you are enjoying our blog with latest offers and deals:)) As you know amazon is keep organizing quiz contest. Recently they organized Amazon Quiz answers contest. Today they organized Amazon Quiz answers contest to answer all 5 questions correctly to stand a chance to win Samsung Galaxy A8 Star in amazon today’s quiz answers


Today on 19th September they organized Amazon Quiz and named it as Amazon Quiz Contest. Under this quiz contest you’ve to answers few objective questions and in order to eligible for contest you have to give all answers correctly. You don’t have to worry about the answers, we are here

only to provide you the correct Amazon Quiz Answers with pure care. So lets begin.

Prize Of This Quiz:

Answer and stand chance to win Samsung Galaxy A8 Star

Total Winners:

There are a total of 1 Winners

Amazon Samsung Quiz Answers

1. Spread over 1.3 acres, India’s first exclusive ‘dog park’ has come up in which city?

Ans – Hyedrabad

2. Made in 1888, the ‘Roundhay Garden Scene’ is known to be the world’s earliest surviving motion-picture film. How long is it?

Ans – 2.1 seconds

3. Which of the following national parks is located in Rajasthan?

Ans – Keoladeo National Park

4. What is the capital city of Spain?

Ans – Madrid

5. Tour De France is an annual multi-stage event featuring which kind of race?

Ans – Cycling

Previous Quiz Answers

Amazon Today’s Quiz Answers

1. What is the ‘bokeh’ effect in photography?

Ans – An aesthetic blur produced in the out of focus parts of an image

2. What is the medical term for the feeling you get when you scrape your nails across a chalkboard?

Ans – Haptodysphoria

3. If you were hiking the Incan trail you would end up at ___?

Ans – Macchu Picchu

4. Where in the human body is the occiput?

Ans – Head

5. ‘Friends, Romans and Countrymen, lend me thy ears’ is the first line of speech given by which character in the play Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare?

Ans – Mark Antony

Amazon iPhone X Quiz Answers

1. If you were visiting the ‘Tabo Monastery’, where would you be?

Ans – Himachal Pradesh

2. If you write a letter with the postal code ‘HOH OHO, Canada’ – whose postal code would you be writing to?

Ans – Santa Clause

3. Which Indian movie created history by becoming the first Bollywood film ever to release in Saudi Arabia?

Ans – Gold

4. According to Roman mythology, ‘Cloacina’ was the goddess of __.

Ans – Sewers

5. Which Indian cricket recently became the first player to pick 300 international wickets in Women’s Cricket?

Ans – Jhulan Goswami

Amazon Honor Quiz Answers

1. What is the irrational fear of insects called?

Ans – Entomophobia

2. Which of these famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci is also known as ‘La Gioconda’?

Ans – Mona Lisa

3. One liter of hot air will be heavier than one liter of cold air.

Ans – False

4. ‘Claque’ is ___.

Ans – A group of people hired for applaud at a performance

5. A ‘sonnet’ is a poem in a specific form which originated in Italy. How many lines does a sonnet typically have?

Ans – 14

Amazon Philips Air Fryer Quiz Answers

1. Which of them was the first Indian to win the Miss World title?

Ans – Reita faria

2. The famous ad jingle for this Indian watches brand was composed by AR Rahman as an adaption of Mozart’s 25th symphony. Which Indian brand is this?

Ans – Titan

3. Kalia the Crow, Suppandi and Shikari Shambhu belong to which comic book?

Ans – Tinkle

4. What was the first full-length Indian feature film ever made?

Ans – Raja Harishchandra

5. Nomadic Elephant 2018′ is a joint military exercise between India and which country?

Ans – Mongolia

Amazon Today’s Quiz Answers

1. ‘Malgudi Days’ is a collection of short stories by which of these authors?

Ans – R. K Narayan

2. The Greeks referred to this state as ‘Pentapotamia’ – an inland delta of five converging rivers. Name this state.

Ans – Punjab

3. If you were eating ‘Crème du Barry’, what would you be eating?

Ans – Cauliflower Soup

4. Which footwear, apparel and equipment brand is named after the Greek goddess of victory?

Ans – Nike

5. Which Indian airport recently announced launching the use of face recognition as boarding pass for passengers by 2019?

Ans – Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru

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How to participate in Amazon Amazon Quiz Contest?

  • All you need is an amazon account, if you don’t have make it from here
  • Now login to your account in Amazon App
  • You’ll see a banner saying “Amazon Quiz” simply tap it
  • Now click to start and questions will appear in front of you
  • Check the answers above and complete the task
  • As soon as you give 5 answers correctly, you’ll receive congratulations message

Now wait for the date to announce the result of the quiz and check whether you won or not 🙂

  • Winners will be declared by 30th September 2018

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